Equipment & Facilities


We have 2 x BAUER Mariner 250-E compressors connected to an external primary filter, cooler and dryer followed by a secondary filter tower making sure that our air is of the purest level.


For any mixes up to 40% O2 we can use our Coltri Membrane compressor system allowing for a consistent and accurate flow of EANx.


Booster pump

Our MPS C2X booster pump completes our filling system enabling us to fill the tanks up to 250bar, and providing any desired custom mix for deep exploration.



We have a range of Aluminium Luxfer S40, S63, S80 and S100 cylinders that have been Oxygen Cleaned on-site by our certified Oxygen technician. We can provide CCR tanks of most sizes and with a variety of valves if given a minimum of 21 days notice. All of our tanks meet international standards for visual inspection and hydrostatic testing.


Our top-of-the-range collection of Apeks regulators is available for rental. All of our Deco regulators are fully O2 cleaned.





Top-of-the-range backplates, harnesses, 40lb wings and 60lb wings with redundant air cell are available for rental and use in courses.





We offer Shearwater Perdix technical dive computers for rental, and we also have bottom timers and depth gauges as an alternative or back-up option.


Decompression Software/Tables

For use in courses, we can provide simulated computer-generated decompression software (V Planner), and manual decompression tables.

Chamber details and insurance advice

All of our technical divers need to provide an RSTC medical statement that must be signed by a physician, and must have a valid dive insurance policy covering technical diving to your planned maximum dive depth

A hyperbaric chamber is available in Manado.


Emergency equipment and procedures

All of our boats are equipped with emergency O2, a fully stocked first aid kit, spare parts and tools, life jackets and rings, and marine radio. Our staff and crew are regularly trained in emergency procedures unique to technical diving.


Our Poseidon 7 CCRs, complete with tech battery and front-mounted counter-lungs, are available for rental and use in courses.



Dive centre and boats

All of our boats are spacious and offer you the luxury to enjoy the surface interval to the fullest. On-board we provide drinks, snacks, shaded seating, WC, a freshwater shower and towels. Our designated tech boats will only have technical divers on-board, giving us the flexibility for long dives and preferable schedules.